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Search Inside Yourself© - Certified Teacher


Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence For Leaders

Search Inside Yourself uses attention and mindfulness training to help people build the emotional intelligence skills needed for sustained peak performance, strong collaboration, and effective leadership.  Born and developed at Google, it's now spread to 30 countries and over 100 cities worldwide, benefitting large and small companies, non-profits, and government agencies.  



Practical mindfulness tools and emotional intelligence skill building.  We partner with you to support you in establishing mindfulness practice and emotional intelligence competencies.

Contact us to discuss how we can serve you in your professional and personal development.

Self Managed Learning Programs

Are you curious about how mindfulness relates to leadership and well-being?

Learn on your own time with our curated readings, videos, and practices with weekly live webinars to support you on your journey towards well-being and a live of thriving.

Brainstorming Session
Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Essentials

This self-managed one-month course provides essential knowledge about emotional intelligence (EQ) and leadership.  It incorporates three mindfulness practices that have been shown to build the core EQ skills of self-awareness and self-management. 

Contents and Weekly Web Meeting: $150/person (Group discount available)

Contact us for details.

Go To the Training...  (requires a password)

Creating the Mindfulness Habit

In this self managed, one-month training, we focus on creating one daily habit - a sitting mindfulness practice.  Using written, audio, and video works from thought leaders, authors, researchers, and teachers of mindfulness, we provide interesting and convincing information that builds enthusiasm and deepens your understanding as you do the hard work of creating a new habit of practicing mindfulness.  

Weekly Web Meeting and Contents: $150/person

Contact us for details.

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political meeting
Leadership Profiles

This course of study asks "What does leadership look like?" and invites the participant to develop a vision of their own leadership style.   

This course continues the development of the foundational EQ competencies of self-awareness and self-management. 

Contents and Weekly Web Meeting: $150/person

Contact us for details.

Go to the Training...(requires a password)

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