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MAY 2020

Invest in your happiness and well-being. 

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We may think that the path to productivity and a happy workplace is clear and logical but that path runs through forests of emotional turmoil and ambivalence, interpersonal challenges, and systemic inefficiencies. 

Leadership that inspires and motivates requires focus, resilience, empathy, balanced self-management, and a personal commitment to serving as a leader.

 A leader makes the choice to respond to others with balance and respect, fostering a culture that inspires and encourages excellence.


Emotional Intelligence is an essential skillset for being the leader you aspire to be. 

Flexible Scheduling


Working with Prasada Wholebeing@Work, we can provide your company with programs that support your team to manage stress, improve emotional intelligence, build resilience with practices that are simple and effective.  Drawing from the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and more, we show how these practices can improve your overall well-being and enable you to thrive. 

Curated Resources

Drawing from Harvard Business Review, TED talks, YouTube, and more, we find the articles, videos, podcasts that get to the point.

Our growing Resources page is a curated list of links on subjects related to emotional intelligence, mindfulness, neuroscience studies, and business.


Self-Managed Learning Modules

These modules are designed to support the cultivation of emotional intelligence by providing guided meditations, informative and inspiring video talks by world thought leaders in mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and suggested short practices.

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