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Understanding and managing yourself, cultivating empathy, and developing social awareness are the foundations of mindful, compassionate and highly effective leadership. 

Focus EQ is dedicated to bringing you the practices you need to develop Emotional Intelligence and to become the person and the leader you want to be.

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Mindfulness Practices to Build Emotional Intelligence


Training and Coaching

I partner with a small number of clients for one-on-one coaching.  Our focus is on personal development - self awareness and self management - as the foundational work of professional development.  These skills are the foundations of Emotional Intelligence. 


As we grow in self awareness and self management we naturally see the need to skillfully manage our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  

The practice of yoga is a time-proven way to integrate mind and body.  The practice  cultivates focus, flexibility, resilience, strength, and self-compassion resulting in a positive outlook and a restored enthusiasm for achievement.  



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Search Inside Yourself (SIY),

a program born and developed at Google, teaches tools for focus, self-awareness, and resilience.


SIY increases self-awareness, empathy, communication, and resilience—all of which help create positive emotional and mental states for a strong and inspiring leadership presence.
Backed by world experts in neuroscience, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, Search Inside Yourself has already changed thousands of lives in more than 100 cities around the world.  

Pre and post survey data from Search Inside Yourself program participants shows significant improvements

Companies and organizations benefitting from Search Inside Yourself training.



Flexible Scheduling


Working with Prasada Wholebeing@Work, we can provide your company with programs that support your team to manage stress, improve emotional intelligence, and build resilience with practices that are simple and effective.  Drawing from the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and more, we show how these practices can improve your overall well-being and enable you to thrive. 

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